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Rae Rae’s Refried Beans

Oh boy! These are a vegan hit! All you need is fresh-cooked or canned black beans, a few portabella mushrooms, garlic cloves, and a little EVOO to bring this classic side to life! Leave the fatty lard out and enjoy the added health benefit of delicious mushrooms. Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes…

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Olive the Best

Not long before the pandemic hit, this super cool guy walked into the olive oil store that I managed. We struck up a conversation and he told me that he owned an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting room in Flagstaff, Arizona. His passion for the product and business model paralleled mine. He was indeed…

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Hi! I’m Rachel

Single mom, entrepreneur, food lover, health seeker, and life sojourner, I have started this blog to connect with humans and encourage us all through this journey we call life! My wonderful kids are grown, so now is the time to write about my passion for helping others with their businesses, healthy living, and whatever else spills out of my brain! If you need to be inspired or you’re just looking for content to transform your life, I’m here for ya!

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